Weird and Wonderful Jigsaw Puzzles
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  1. Alice in Wonderland

    What's the best way to make our wooden Puzzles? I would follow the King's advice "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop". This weird and wonderful jigsaw will keep you busy for hours, perfect for Wonderland fans. Why you'll love this puzzle It's a fun, quirky image…

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  2. Kitchen Cupboard

    BEST SELLER...Kitchen Cupboard by Colin Thompson - his artwork makes the most fabulously detailed jigsaw puzzles. Kitchen cupboard has his trademark style, mixing of real and surreal, organized and organic, with an intricate design that is sure to keep your interest on the boil. WHY YOU'LL LOVE…

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  3. Bookshelf

    This amazingly detailed jigsaw puzzle by Colin Thompson is an enduring favourite. It has lots of amusing titles and other little details to hold your interest as you put the pieces in place. WHY YOU'LL LOVE THIS PUZZLE: It's a great puzzle for bibliophiles. Makes a bestselling gift for book and…

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