• Step 1

    Step 1 is to upload your photo/ image to our site. To do this, click "Click here to upload you photo" and this will then show a window with all your files on your computer. Navigate as you normally would to where you saved your photo/image file and press "Open". If you're using a tablet or a mobile then you will also have the option to take a photo to upload. 

    A balck bar will then be visisble as your photo/image is uploaded. You uploaded photo/ image will then appear where the orginal image once was.

    Step 1

    Uploading your image

  • Step 2

    Most photos/images uploaded will require a small amoount of cropping so they are at the same proportion to the our jigsaw puzzles. Once your photo/image has been uploaded you will see some black text in a yellow box which will indicate if cropping is needed. If your photo/image is very different to our jigsaw puzzle size it will ask you to choose another picture or crop your image before uploading. You cannot crop the images on our website. You can add any cropping information in the box, as above, such as crop from the left not the right. If you have any concerns at all add a note in this box.

    Step 2

    Cropping your photo/image

  • Step 3

    Our system will analyse the quality of your photo/image as we want to be sure it is good enough quality to product a really good quality jigsaw puzzle. We have 3 classification of photo/image quality. High is great, medium is still good and low is not as good. If the puzzle size you are ordering is a larger puzzle then we advise you should have a high quality image. If your photo/image is very low quality we will state/ image not suitable'. In this case you will need to find another image of get a better quality version of the image you want to use. We recommend that photos/images uploading should always be bigger than 1mb in memory size and less than 5mb. For more guidance please click help where we give more guidance and creating a personalised jigsaw puzzle.

    Step 3

    Checking you photo/image quality

  • Step 4

    If your photo/image is portrait then please tick this box. This means we will ensure the image on the box is also portrait. Clueless is where you can request to have your box blank, this makes solving the puzzle much hard without and image and is of course a cpmplete surprise to the person solving the puzzle what the image is until right at the end.

    Step 4

    Is your puzzle portrait and what is Clueless?

  • Step 5

    Select the size of puzzle that you want and then click the + button to increase the quantity of puzzles you want to order. Then click 'Add to My Basket' 

    Step 5

    Select your size and Quantity and Add to your Basket