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  1. It's a Hoot!

    This dynamic and vibrantly illustrated design makes an amazing jigsaw puzzle which certainly is a hoot to complete! If you're looking for a serious challenge why not make things harder with our extra difficult cut? PLEASE NOTE: THE MDW11 IS THE EXTRA DIFFICULT SIZE, THE OTHER SIZES ARE STANDARD…

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  2. Almond Blossom, 1890

    Van Gogh painted this sparkling still life of delicate almond blossom against a clear blue sky for his new-born nephew, Vincent Willem, who went on to found the Van Gogh Museum. The almond tree flowers as early as February in the south of France and signifies the coming of spring. WHY YOU'LL LOVE…

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  3. Triskelion

    It only has 153 piece but with irregular edges and tessellated pieces it may still tie you in knots! A fun challenge for expert jigsaw fans. The perfect present for somebody who finishes their puzzles too quickly! Why you'll love this puzzle: It's a super tricky, Celtic knot work inspired piece It…

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