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Yorkshire Philanthropist Devises Unique Money Raising Idea for Charities.

Thomas Black, former Joint Chairman of Peter Black Holdings is busy promoting his initiative of round-robin jigsaws for charities across the world. Having already raised over one million pounds for charity in the past, Mr. Black’s latest idea has generated interest from Green Peace, the Alzheimer’s Society and many other international charitable organizations.

The Yorkshire-based philanthropist says he enjoys thinking up original ideas for raising money and was inspired on this occasion by discovering an old wooden puzzle in the attic. “I have been lucky enough to find the perfect manufacturer, Wentworth Wooden puzzles who have responded brilliantly to this idea” said Mr. Black.

John Sauven, a spokesperson for Greenpeace commented “We think the puzzle looked fantastic and it is a really unique way to engage people with our work. So far we’ve used the puzzles in two ways. We sent around 70 to wealthy individuals within our database, to people who have not responded to more traditional communications from us. This has been a successful activity.”
“The second way we’ve used the puzzle is to thank some of our highest donors, as an encouraging step in securing further support. Whilst it’s hard to quantify the effect of this (particularly in the short term), we know that it has added to our relationship. We also hope that it will be passed on to their friends, meaning that it will also share information about the campaign with other high profile people who may then consider supporting us financially”

Any charity that is interested in this idea should contact either Thomas Black at Black Family Investments at Sabella House in Crosshills, near Keighley ( or Sarah Watson at Wentworth Wooden Puzzles (