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Why a Jigsaw Puzzle Could be the Perfect Personalised Wedding Gift, Invitation or Guest Book


Image by Kelly Sue

As the evenings get lighter and the days are filled with glorious sunshine (ok, just some days), you know wedding season is approaching.

And once you get to a certain age, you’ll find your summer weekends can be packed out with back-to-back weddings.

With so many special days to attend, how can you choose a gift that’s special for each couple? Well, it’s often best to opt for something personalised, which captures a moment in time.

The same goes for if you’re planning a wedding yourself – you want to fill the day with unique and personal touches.                                                                                           

That’s why we think Personalised Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles are perfect for weddings! Here’s how you can make that special day all the more memorable with personal touches.

 1. Personalised Wedding Jigsaw Puzzles


Pictured above: personalised wedding photo jigsaw puzzle with whimsy pieces

We can make Personalised Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles based on a photo of the happy couple – either on their wedding day or an engagement picture. It’s the perfect way for the couple to treasure one of their favourite pictures.

Plus, we can make the picture extra special with charming wedding whimsies – from champagne glasses to hearts, rings, cakes, the year of the wedding, and even the initials of the couple.

All of these little touches help to make the puzzle unique to them, and a charming reminder of their special day.

Also, because our puzzles are wooden, they’re an ideal five-year ‘wood’ wedding anniversary gift too.

 2. Personalised Wedding Guest Book Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Looking for a more unusual Wedding Guest Book? This Guest Book Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfect finishing touch for your big day.

Each puzzle piece is perfectly sized, so that guests can easily write their message on one piece.

And you can upload any photograph you like as the background design – so you could opt for a picture of you and your partner, or your favourite place.

Whether you display it as an assembled puzzle, or keep the puzzle pieces as a collection of lovely messages, this jigsaw would be the perfect memento of your special day.

3. Personalised Wedding Invitation Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles


Pictured above: the Personalised Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Wedding Invitation

Want unique wedding invitations that your guests will remember? At Wentworth Wooden Puzzles, you can design Personalised Wedding Invitation Puzzles, featuring an image of your choice.

Whether you opt for a picture of the two of you together, or photo of the venue, you can make the invite personal to you both. Plus, your guest can have fun assembling your message!

Each invitation will contain six special wedding-themed whimsy pieces, including a top hat, wedding rings, heart, dove, wedding cake and a horse shoe – making the puzzles all the more fun to complete!

Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect memento of you special day – whether it’s a wedding gift, or a puzzle you’ve bought for the guest book or invitations. Find out more and take a look at our gifts for weddings page.  

Have you given a personalised jigsaw puzzle as a wedding gift? Or, are you planning to use a jigsaw puzzle guest book or invitations for your wedding?