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What is a whimsy piece?

We often talk about how our whimsy pieces make our puzzles extra special, but what exactly are they? 

A historical link to the puzzles of Victorian past, a whimsy is a special puzzle piece cut into recognisable shapes such as a car or butterfly. Often designed to match the jigsaws theme, whimsies add a fun and playful twist to our puzzles!

 Arlington Row Jigsaw Puzzle

This Arlington Row puzzle features whimsies of a trowel, cat and even wellies!

In the past, these pieces were often cut into different quirky shapes on a whim by Victorian puzzle cutters - giving the pieces their name! Each of these individual themed whimsies make our puzzles that little bit extra special. Our personalised puzzles even have specially shaped whimsies that spell out messages such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Merry Christmas’.

Each whimsy fits in perfectly with the irregular shaped pieces that make up every Wentworth Puzzle. Did you know that most of our puzzles don’t contain the same shape twice, and sometimes don’t even have corner pieces! This makes for an extra difficult brain teasing challenge for every puzzle lover.

For those who really like a challenge, why not try our extra difficult cut puzzles? Packed full of whimsies and irregular shaped pieces these jigsaws will keep you entertained for hours!

Crazy Candy Extra Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle

Crazy Candy Jigsaw Puzzle

A crazy candy collage filled with all the classic sweets, this puzzle creates a challenge with its plethora of colours and is available in an extra difficult cut.

 Extra Difficult daffodil jigsaw puzzle

Difficult Daffodils Jigsaw Puzzle

This tricky repetitive daffodil design is perfect for those looking for a real challenge. Why not spend the afternoon poring over this jigsaw puzzle for a real sense of satisfaction when completed!