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Wentworth Puzzles attack social media!

We are back!

As an established and continuously growing company, we at Wentworth Wooden Puzzles have long used traditional methods of communicating with our customers, such as catalogues, e-newsletters, telephone and open days (the next is October 23rd). We will of course continue to strengthen these methods but we will also now be utilizing relevant Social Media channels as well.

Using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and more, we want to engage with you to then find out how we at Wentworth Wooden Puzzles can improve what we offer - whether it be introducing more of the images you like, or creating challenging new cuts. After all, we need your feedback to make sure we deliver the best possible puzzling experience!

Our small factory is a constant hive of activity, so we intend to keep you updated on the latest goings on at Wentworth. For example, did you know our jigsaw puzzles featured in the latest Peugeot advert, or that we recently added two new members to our team? Luke, our graduate trainee who has a personal passion for social media, and Helena, who recently moved into our local village, has joined us to help organize things in the sales office and improve our customer service.

Thanks for reading, get connected and don’t forget to browse our new autumn collection!

PS. Links to our social media channels are on the right hand side of the page!

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