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The year so far - UK Minister for Jigsaws

Our 2018 UK Minister for Jigsaws, Francesca Collis, has been sharing with us what she’s been up to all in the name of promoting jigsaws far and wide.

She often shares her adventures via Facebook and Twitter, with some great images of her friends and family completing a Wentworth Puzzle or two. She runs a competition where all guests have to complete a micro puzzle against the clock. It appears that they really do ‘have to’ complete a micro puzzle. As she finds many people say they’re not that into jigsaw puzzles and then after the experience they start to love them as much as Francesca. Follow her on social media to see the fun they all get up to. It’s amazing to see the huge age range of those who look like they’re having great fun, with a small competitive edge as well.

Jigsaw puzzles and prosecco

She’s also organised and held her first jigsaw puzzles and games fair, via her local church. As this was her first event she kept it quite small to test the format, with the aim to expand if it proved popular. No surprise, it was a huge hit.

The theme was Puzzles and Pizza. And I think there was a little Prosecco as well!

Francesca had many helpers from her church to help set up and organise the event, and many of the helpers couldn’t help complete a few puzzles as they helped, even though some admitted they didn’t like jigsaw puzzles!

So she could plan and evolve the event format Francesca gave us some very in-depth feedback on the event, which we thought you’d all be interested to hear about, being jigsaw lovers yourselves.

Most people came for the jigsaws, but almost all of the people who came for the games also did a 40-piece Wentworth Wooden Puzzle as well - some of them did this while actually playing their games.

jigsaw puzzle club

All of the people doing puzzles, except 1, were completely new to Wentworth Wooden Puzzles. Those new to our wooden jigsaws mostly started with a 40 piece micro puzzle and then progressed onto 100 piece puzzles. And although many have larger pieces they thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to our wooden puzzles. A few jigsaw lovers started with a 250 piece puzzle and were pleasantly surprised at how tricky they were to complete. Comparing them to much harder larger puzzles made from cardboard. And of course all who had never tried our puzzles before loved the themed whimsy pieces, and some said, as others have, they’d never go back to a cardboard puzzle again.

Some people came along more the companionship, one in particular thought she was terrible at jigsaws, but she managed to complete a 100 piece puzzle during the evening and now can’t wait for the next event. She completed it with a friend so she got the companionship she wanted along with the pride which came with completing her very first Wentworth Wooden Puzzle.

The guests varied in terms of whether they completed their puzzle together or alone. Many liked choosing a puzzle from a table-full of puzzles and most knew exactly what type of picture they preferred.  Those that did complete their puzzles by themselves still did so next to others doing the same, so they could share their experience and get a little advice along the way. Chatting while completing their puzzles seemed perfect to many and the evening went by extremely quickly.

Since the word has got around about the success of her event, Francesca has been approached by many of her friends, plus friends of friends, wanting to know when the next event will be.

And to top it all off she raised £160 profit for charity.

She’s busy planning her next even and we’ll keep you posted as to when it is, just in case you want to pop along if you’re local to Francesca. We’re also working with Francesca to help promote jigsaw puzzles in time for National Jigsaw Day in November.

The year so far - UK Minister for Jigsaws