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The Rich and Famous who love the Humble Jigsaw Puzzle

Who’s heard of Hugh Jackman? Wolverine from the X-Men and most recently for his latest blockbuster which is causing a huge stir around the world, The Greatest Showman. A wonderful actor with many talents we probably all agree. But did you know how much he loves jigsaw puzzles? If you follow him on Instagram you would. He loves posting about his latest puzzle and how it’s progressing. He also loves to complete them and then instantly break them up again, calling it the pleasure and the pain. He’s a man of discerning taste too, as he loves our puzzles, ‘They are the best’ he states in his latest video where he live streamed himself finishing and then destroying one of our 1500 piece Starry Night jigsaw puzzles by Van Gogh. You an see the whole video on our YouTube channel.

Hugh Jackman and Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

We got allot of media attention from this, which is great, but he’s not the first actor or person in the public eye to go on record to state just how much they love jigsaw puzzles. Some will really surprise you but what is most thought provoking is why they love them.

In a very honest and frank interview with The Times recently Fatboy Slim – Norman Cook – opened up about the struggles he’s had since splitting with his wife, Zoe Ball. He states jigsaw puzzles are helping him as they are teaching him mindfulness and meditation. “I really struggle to remain in the moment and I’m working on that with some help. Jigsaw puzzles are good for losing yourselves” he states.

There’s also Ronnie Wood – now you really wouldn’t think so would you. Along with the Rolling Stones he was the epitome of all things cool and hip back in the sixties. But he now appreciates jigsaw puzzles as ‘they’re good for the brain’. Apparently he likes to do jigsaw puzzles when he’s on tour with the Rolling Stones. And as they’re touring now I’m sure he’ll be working away at a puzzle this evening. You can see the full article here.

Patrick Stewart, an amazing British actor of both stage and screen and also in X-Men (did he and Hugh Jackman talk long into the night on the set of X-Men about jigsaw puzzles we wonder?) has been interviewed by a number of publications stating how much he loves jigsaw puzzles. While he states that his biggest indulgence is art, his biggest passion is Jigsaw puzzles as they give him the most pleasure. He kept it to himself for a while, a little embarrassed as he felt maybe it was a child’s pastime, but then found that there are many fans of a good jigsaw puzzle and they all want to share tips, and indulge in their passions together. Obviously he likes Fine art jigsaw puzzles and thinks they help him appreciate the artist’s work in finer detail having to piece them together. Here he is in an interview with the Radio Times And here in Vanity Fair.

So what is it about jigsaw puzzles that so many actors, musicians and celebrities love?

It’s a pastime that transcends money, power and influence.  High pressured lifestyles, often like those lead by people in the public eye, need to retreat and be in the moment. They give you an opportunity in time to step away, step back, live in the now. They can consume you, any issues or problems tend to recede as you focus on the task in hand. Jigsaw puzzles are also often called Sanity Savers, creating order out of chaos. Plus, you don’t have to be good at them, you just do them little slower, it’s all about the enjoyment, whether that be solitary or in groups.  You can find out more about how jigsaw puzzles can help with mindfulness in one of our recent articles and it’s proved ever popular.

It’s often the images themselves that help to add to that escapism, such a love of fine art, even certain artists. Also beautiful places from around the world, such as past holiday destinations allow you to reminisce over great times while you put the pieces together. There’s also weird and wonderful intricate images full of detail to absorb your attention and delight.

Dame Margaret Drabble thinks they saved her sanity during a very stressful period in her life, she was too distracted to read, so she found solace in jigsaws as they gave “an illusion of control”

Then there’s the very, very famous.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor loved puzzles with whimsies, just like ours.

Bill Gates – One of the wealthiest people on the planet has gone on record in the Telegraph saying that when he and his family go away on holiday they like to take a few wooden jigsaw puzzles with them to relax with together.

And even the Queen, who is not only the subject of many jigsaw puzzles, she herself is said to be a lover of jigsaw puzzles and you can’t get much better than that.

The Rich and Famous who love the Humble Jigsaw Puzzle