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The puzzle of what your Mum would really like on Mother’s Day!

If she doesn’t still, she probably used run around trying to make sure everyone was happy, had what they needed, when they needed it, and probably didn’t really think too much about her own ‘wants’. So the prefect Mother’s Day gift would be to let her indulge in those ‘wants’ so she can spend her own time doing what she enjoys the most. It could just be doing jobs around the house she usually does so she has the time to spend on herself. Such as letting her find a cosy corner and giving her a book you know she’ll love to escape in, uninterrupted. Or spoil her with a gardening course if she loves getting out in the garden.

In the UK Mother’s Day is in March, and this year it’s really early, 11th March, making outdoor activities a little tricky as it could easily be snowing! So the perfect gift would of course be a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle picture could be something she loves, like of a beautiful garden, a spectacular bunch of flowers or even a summer country cottage. She can enjoy completing her jigsaw puzzle with a cup of tea and a slice of cake, all made by yourself, or even something a little stronger. Spending time with friends is always a great idea, and puzzling is a perfect pastime to do with others around. Have a good chat and catch up while finding that elusive puzzle piece and sharing the excitement when the last whimsy piece finally falls into place.

To help you we’ve created a special collection of jigsaw puzzles we think will be excellent for all the different types of Mums out there. Which one would your Mum love to create?

A colourful shaped jigsaw puzzle – Spectacular Peacock

 Spectacular Peacock Shaped Jigsaw puzzle

The perfect flowers for Mother’s Day, with the whimsy puzzle pieces spelling out Happy Mother’s Day

 Lilies with Love - shaped mother's day jigsaw puzzle

Colmar Canal is the perfect jigsaw gift for Art lovers, beautifully painted by David Maclean

 Colamr canal wooden jigsaw puzzle for mother's day

A classic flower arrangement for spring – Spring Flowers in Poole Pottery

 Spring Flowers jigsaw puzzle - perfect for mother's day

Create your very own perfect Mother’s Day gift with a personalised puzzle, Add you own image of something she’ll love, like a family Christmas, or their favourite holiday destination. 

Personalised jigsaw puzzle for mothers day

The puzzle of what your Mum would really like on Mother’s Day!