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Terence Cuneo - Art for an Age of Steam

Many of our Wentworth customers will be familiar with the work of Terence Cuneo for his exceptional paintings of the steam age. As a talented and versatile artist who lived through, and recorded many of the great events of the 20th century we are indebted to Cuneo for providing us with a stunning historical record.

Terence Cuneo’s copyright is administered by Bridgeman Art Library. Please do visit Bridgeman’s lovely article dedicated to the work of Terence Cuneo.

Terence Cuneo (1907–1996) Bridgeman Art Library.

If you have a passion for transport and are unfamiliar with his work then we recommend taking a look at the puzzles we have made from his masterpieces.

Wentworth (Artist) Terence Cuneo

Terence Cuneo - Art for an Age of Steam