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Ten of the Most Beautiful Spring and Easter Puzzles

As the days get longer and the sun gets brighter, we thought it would be a good time to celebrate the changing seasons with some of the best spring-themed puzzles.

From springtime blossom to garden wildlife, each jigsaw depicts a scene so beautiful; you’ll want to dive right in. Here are ten of our favourites, perfect for an Easter break or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

1. Springtime in Eskdale

This beautiful jigsaw puzzle captures the hazy spring light and the lovely Lake District landscape. Based on a painting by James McIntosh Patrick, we’ve transformed this stunning artwork into a puzzle, complete with themed whimsy pieces.

Whether you wish you were in the glorious Lake District this spring, or you‘d like a souvenir of your recent visit, this puzzle is a springtime treat, which can be enjoyed time and time again. 

2. Garden in Spring

Spring is time to get back out into your garden, and this puzzle captures the delights of gardening as the seasons change. Filled with an assortment of colourful birds, fresh, green grasses and springtime daffodils, this jigsaw is a great celebration of spring.

3.  Springtime Gazebo

Isn’t this just the perfect spring-time retreat? This gazebo-shaped jigsaw is filled with colourful flowers and butterflies, along with a few well-hidden whimsy pieces to complete the spring look. Plus, the shaped edge makes it a tricky puzzle to do – and all the more satisfying when the gazebo is complete.

4.  On a Clear Morning in Spring

19th century Australian artist, Marie Egner has captured springtime beautifully in this country scene filled with delicate blossoms. With no two puzzle pieces the same – as well as lots of interesting whimsy pieces – this serene scene is great fun to assemble.

5.  Fruit Garden in Spring

With swirling clouds, long grass and green leaves, this dreamlike garden scene evokes memories of childhood adventures. Based on the painting by impressionist Alfred Sisley, the jigsaw is a delightful puzzle for the season – with spring-themed whimsy pieces adding the final touch.

6.  Spring, Picking Flowers

If you’re a fan of romanticism and classic fine art, you’ll love this hazy, dreamlike scene. This jigsaw sums up the perfect spring day, with blossom, sunshine and pastel shades.

7.  Country House on Lake Attersee

Gustave Klimt spent many summers at Lake Attersee painting and this is one of the beautiful artworks he created as a result. With fields awash with wild flowers and a house engulfed by green, this painting celebrates new growth as the countryside becomes green again.

The textured pattern of the flowers that runs throughout the picture makes it extra hard to assemble – and extra satisfying when you complete it!

8.  Flight of Fancy

One of the best things about spring is getting to hear birdsong again. As your garden, the parks and the countryside become a hive of activity, the gentle birdsong becomes synonymous with sunshine and the fresh smell of dewy grass. This jigsaw celebrates our feathered friends with this beautiful, colourful and detailed scene.

9.  Almond Blossom

In the south of France, almond tree blossom signifies the coming of spring. Van Gogh painted this delicate still life for his new-born nephew to celebrate his birth and draws on Japanese print-making to create its unique style. We’ve transformed this treasured artwork into a delightful puzzle, with charming whimsy pieces and an extra difficult cut for puzzle enthusiasts.

10. Rural Life


This jigsaw sums up idyllic country life, depicting a perfect spring scene. Who wouldn't want to live in a village like this? With thatched cottages, a duck pond and a horse and cart, this scene is full of nostalgic charm.


These are some of our favourites, but what’s yours? Take a look at our complete Easter puzzles and spring puzzles to browse the whole range and get in the mood for spring with our seasonal jigsaws.


Ten of the Most Beautiful Spring and Easter Puzzles