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Puzzled about how to complete your jigsaw? Here are our top five tips!

 If you’re lucky enough to get the gift of a jigsaw this Christmas, this is the perfect guide to help you get puzzling! We all have our own little tactics when piecing our puzzles together but here are a few ideas that might help new jigsaw enthusiasts and a few tips that might even help you puzzle pros! If you are going to create one of our extra difficult cut jigsaws, then the following might also be useful.


1). Getting started

Often the first pieces can be a challenge, and although obvious make sure you’ve got all your pieces, face up on a flat surface. From there, finding the edges and grouping similar coloured pieces together (all the sky, all of the grass, all of the brown pieces) is a great way to help you locate that pesky piece further down the line.

 puzzle tips starting with all pieces image side up

2). Edges in

Once you’ve got your pieces set out, one of the most popular methods is starting with the edges and working your way in. This can be a little trickier with one of our shaped puzzles and extra difficult puzzles though, whose non-rectangular shapes and repetitive pieces can make finding the corners trickier than normal. Plus most of standard puzzles don't have normal corner pieces either, many have diessected corners, making it even tricker. But that’s what makes them an extra challenge to the experienced adult puzzler!

jigsaw puzzle tips start with the edges


3). Jigsaws aren’t built in a day

Remember – you don’t have to tackle the entire jigsaw at once. A great tactic is to start with a small section, this can be particularly helpful when attempting one of our difficult puzzle cuts. The feeling of accomplishment when you complete a section will help spur you on.  

Once you’ve got a few of these finished sections, try and lay them out where they should sit in the overall puzzle image, even if you can’t connect them, it’s useful to have them in place. This will help when visualising the space around these sections and should make it easier for you to find the connecting pieces.

puzzle tips do sections at a time


4). Eyes on the prize

One of the simplest tips, and one of the best, is to make sure you keep checking the box lid, where the puzzle image is, showing what you are aiming for. It can often help to take a step back and if you get stuck in any one place or looking for one piece, move on to another section, you can always come back! With difficult cut jigsaws taking a look at the picture will help keep you focused on what you are trying to achieve.


5). Work together!

Jigsaws are not just solitary activities, they can be great fun with family and friends. Four eyes are better than two, so if you want some company while you puzzle away, get someone else involved to complete the jigsaw together! Particularly if you are trying to tackle one of our difficult cuts, having some help can be really beneficial.


These 5 tips are just our advice. Many of our avid puzzlers have their own techniques, even numbering the back of the pieces. If you have any top tips you’d like to share please get in touch and let us know, we’d love to hear them.


Now you have all the tips you need to get puzzling, why not take on one of our puzzles or even an extra difficult higsaw puzzle?