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Puzzle Champion Tests 1000 Piece Wentworth Puzzle

When we heard a radio interview with UK puzzle champion Emma Jenkinson, who completed a 1000 piece puzzle in 171 Minutes, we just had to see what she thought of Wentworth Puzzles. Wentworth Puzzles are a bit more difficult than standard jigsaws. We disguise the edges and put straight bits in the middle. So we wondered how long it takes a puzzle champion to complete a Wentworth 1000 piece jigsaw.

You can read her review here:

The upside of being British Champion

When I was awarded the title of British Singles Jigsaw Champion in July 2013, I could not have predicted it would lead to the wonderful afternoon I have just had. Following a recent radio interview (which in itself was surreal), I couldn’t believe my luck when Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws got in touch, saying they had heard me on the Radio and would like me to complete and then talk about one of their jigsaws.

Now, anyone who has any interest in jigsaw puzzles has heard of Wentworth. I, myself have looked longingly at their boxes whilst browsing the shelves of gift shops in stately homes, museums and galleries. However, because of the speed I complete a puzzle; I normally try to avoid buying them, preferring to receive them as gifts. Therefore the thought of being able to choose my own Wentworth was an exciting prospect and after a little help from Lucy Parry, I chose one that was bright, busy and I hoped...challenging.

I was in for a real treat. Any puzzler will tell you that there is something deeply satisfying about receiving and opening a new jigsaw. The smell and feel of fresh pieces is lovely. Wentworth add to this experience by putting their pieces in a material bag and because the jigsaw has wooden pieces there isn’t the usual dust which irritates me in a normal cardboard jigsaw.


The jigsaw itself was lovely and the first proper Wentworth I have done from start to finish. I was interested to see just how the Whimsy pieces would affect my normal puzzle techniques, but I soon realised I needed to treat them as any other piece. They did however make the puzzle far more interesting and it was lovely to suddenly realise that a piece that you had been searching for, was in fact, a Whimsy! The differing puzzle pieces and edges that were a little less defined than your average puzzle made it more of a challenge than my usual choices and I loved every minute. I will now have to consider Wentworth in my Christmas and Birthday list and would recommend the brand to all those serious about puzzling. Though not everyone’s cup of tea I would also recommend this particular jigsaw...Kitchen Cupboard. Full of colour, plenty of detail and interesting little added extras, it really was good fun.

Oh, and the big long did it take?...well, just under 4 hours – not bad if you ask me, but I’m sure it could be bettered.

Thanks Wentworth

Emma Jenkinson 

Puzzle Champion Tests 1000 Piece Wentworth Puzzle