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New Spring Collection.

Our first collection for 2014 has arrived and we have some fantastic freshly-hatched puzzles to kick off the New Year.

First of all, we have two new shaped puzzles. The regal ‘January King Cabbage’ and the mysterious ‘Dragon’. These puzzles are not rectangular like usual jigsaws, but cut to line, so the outline follows the shape of the image. They really are our most special jigsaws. Also, for fans of Louise Braithwaite’s colourful naïve art, we have Allotments. A fun puzzle, celebrating that most British of vegetable growing traditions. For those who like an extra-difficult puzzle challenge, we also have ‘The Puzzle that Ruined Easter’ featuring reoccurring bunny pieces.

Many of your favourite artists are returning in this new catalogue. Fans of our puzzle ‘Coming South’ will be pleased to discover that we now have a jigsaw of its sister painting ‘Going North’ by George Earl. We also have more from Dominic Davison and Colin Thompson.

Our high quality wooden puzzles are very versatile. Not only are they a great way to pass time on cloudy days, they also make great gifts for Spring Birthdays. You could even make somebody’s Easter by treating them to our fiendish new tessellated puzzle.

 The easiest way to order puzzles, and view our full range is online. However, you can also request a catalogue and order by mail.

New Spring Collection.