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Keeping the kids entertained: bloggers review our children’s puzzles

Keeping the children entertained on a rainy day can be difficult, especially if you don’t want them plugged into technology for hours at a time. If you are looking for a great alternative to staring at a TV or prodding a tablet screen, jigsaw puzzles can provide a fun distraction that will keep the children busy whilst focussing their minds and providing learning at the same time. But don’t just take our word for it - these bloggers reviewed our favourite children’s puzzles and then told us how their little ones got on!


All about U

Wooden jigsaw, bos and bag 

Blogger Rebecca named her blog, ‘Educating Preschoolers: Why Puzzles are so Important’ - and we couldn’t agree more! She explains that keeping young children entertained with activities that are both fun and educational is important, and jigsaw puzzles help to test younger children's focus whilst the achievement of completing the puzzle helps to boost their confidence. Read more here.


Over 40 and Mum to One

 boy completing world map jigsaw puzzle


As a firm believer that children can be entertained without turning to tech, blogger Mary is not big on gaming and prefers to try and find more traditional downtime activities. Puzzles are the perfect way to destress and unwind, and a great way to get the kids to calm down and concentrate for a while. Read her review of the I Know My Map of the British Isles here.


Nine to Three Thirty

elephant jigsaw puzzle 

Erica’s son used to be jigsaw mad and enjoyed the chance to get back to practising one of his favourite past times. Calming and therapeutic, one of his favourite parts of the Elephant Savanna jigsaw puzzle was of course the whimsies! Read her thoughts on the puzzle here.


Days in Bed

 Whimsy jigsaw puzzle pieces

Blogger Angela and her daughter Sylvia got stuck into their World Wonders jigsaw puzzle during a rainy day in the holidays. For Angela’s daughter, working on the puzzle together really helped to boost her confidence in achieving a tricky task. Read her review here.


We made this life


With the arrival of more wet weather, blogger Ali was looking for a good way to spend a rainy day indoors. The interestingly shaped puzzle pieces and the whimsies in the I Know My World Map jigsaw puzzle kept it challenging for her kids, and they were a great talking point for her nine year old as they discussed all the different countries as they pieced the jigsaw together. Read more here.


Everything Mummy


Blogger Amy was particularly pleased that our great quality puzzle pieces don’t break even under the force of a heavy handed toddler! The educational World Map jigsaw puzzle was not only fun to complete but became an educational tool after as they discussed the landmarks and flags around the world. Find out how her family got on here.


Take a look at all of our puzzles for children to see if there’s one for the next time you want to spend some downtime indoors with your little ones!


Keeping the kids entertained: bloggers review our children’s puzzles