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Jennifer’s Little World Puzzle Review

We’ve had a lot of new customers this Christmas and its lovely when people discover our puzzles. Many first-timers ask “what’s the most popular puzzle size?” and are astounded to discover that it’s our 250 piece maxi puzzle. “That’s not many pieces!” they exclaim “I’m used to 1000 piece puzzles!”

So we explain that we have little tricks to stop people solving our puzzles too easily. Straight bits in the middle, disguised edges and so on. These features make our puzzles much harder than ordinary cardboard ones.

So, you’re new to Wentworth and are still game for a 1000 piece puzzle please check out this excellent review by Jennifer’s Little World, a fantastic blog about parenting, crafting and travel.

If you fancy tacking Jennifer’s puzzle you can purchase it at the link below:

Jennifer’s Little World Puzzle Review