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Indulge yourself with a challenging jigsaw puzzle and you’ll enjoy the winter months

When initially investigating our January blog about how to survive the long cold winter months, all we could think about were the negatives of winter, the cold long, dark winter. Then we spoke to some of our avid puzzlers and we realised we were asking the wrong question. It’s not about how to survive the winter, it’s about celebrating what winter can bring to you, your home and your friends and family.

Those communities who live near the Arctic Circle don’t have the same negative attitude towards surviving. They have adapted their lives to make the most of the climate. So we realised the question we should be asking is – what excites you about winter and what do you look forward to? We have summarised some tips below to help you think more positively about this time of year, particularly from a puzzlers perspective!

  1. It can be a lonely time if you find it hard to get out, so make sure you organise plenty of gatherings, at home or elsewhere. At home makes perfect sense as it will cost you less than going out.
  2. Make sure your home is cosy and warm so you look forward to spending time there in the winter. Light candles, make a warming dinner and get down to an evening of jigsaw puzzling, on your own or with others. Invite like-minded people who love doing a challenging jigsaw puzzle and you’ll enjoy the social side of puzzling.
  3. Jigsaw puzzle clubs, like the one our Minister for Jigsaws, Sue Riches, runs in Banbury called Piece Together, are becoming more popular. If you don’t have a puzzle club near you why not start one, with the aid of Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – see our Piece Together Puzzle club page here. Or go to onto one of the many online forums and social media puzzle pages where you can share tips and stories about difficult jigsaw puzzles you’ve completed. Our Facebook or Twitter pages would be a good place to start.

Once spring comes along and the days get warmer and longer there will be many new jobs on your to do list that you just can’t ignore. Spring cleaning or tending the garden, the list will become endless. Before you know it you’ll be missing the short cold days which allowed you to indulge in your passion and spend more time on a jigsaw puzzle.

As you have a little more time in the winter why not try one of our Extra-Difficult jigsaw puzzles to really challenge your puzzling skills.

Penguin Pandemonium

Extra difficult jigsaw puzzzle with tesselated pieces penguin pandermonium

If these cute penguins can endure their winter months all looking the same in their black and white, we’re sure you can. Available in an extra difficult cut to keep you puzzling for longer

Almond Blossom

Van Gogh post impressionist extra difficult jigsaw puzzle

If you’d like to look forward to Spring then our Almond Blossom by Post- Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh is sure to keep you enthralled until the spring blooms outside. It comes in an extra difficult cut for expert jigsaw puzzlers

It’s a Hoot!

Its a hoot extra difficult jigsaw puzzle

This dynamic and vibrantly illustrated design makes an amazing jigsaw puzzle which certainly is a hoot to complete! If you're looking for a serious challenge why not make things harder with our extra difficult cut?


Indulge yourself with a challenging jigsaw puzzle and you’ll enjoy the winter months