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How you all help us selecting our new Jigsaw Puzzles

We’ve just launched our new Summer 2018 Collection of adult jigsaw puzzles, so we thought we’d let you see how we select the images and develop each new jigsaw puzzle for our new seasonal collections and how you help us do that.

As we’re a small company we all take pride in our new puzzle collections and really look forward to seeing which ones you all like the most. As most of jigsaw puzzles are for adults, we need to take this into account right from the start. It’s a team effort choosing and deciding which images make the range. And while we all have favourites, we have to make sure we have your puzzle tastes taken into consideration.

Firstly we review which puzzles you’ve all really loved and ensure we have these themes, styles and illustrators represented in the new collections. We also work closely with our illustrators so we can ensure that new styles and trends are always introduced to ensure there’s always some new and exciting. Such as the new shaped jigsaw puzzle Owlmazing, it’s a burst of colour and pattern.

Owlmazing shaped jigsaw puzzle

We also need to make sure that there’s a good balance of illustration and photography styles so we hope you’ll always find a puzzle you love within our collections.

Your feedback is always listened to and we get this feedback in many different ways. Either from your product reviews and what you say to our customer service team when you place your order. We also occasionally ask some of our frequent purchasers for their feedback.

But as you all know it’s not all about the image. Our jigsaw puzzles are made up of intricate and themed pieces in the puzzle cut. This is where a Wentworth Wooden Puzzle differs from all those other cardboard puzzles.  We have thousands of different puzzle cuts to choose from to ensure the whimsy shapes match the image wherever possible. But some puzzles have their very own puzzle cuts created for them, such as Family Life which has puzzle shaped pieces in the same shape as many of the characters and items in the image. Perfect synergy.

Family Life wooden jigsaw puzzle

Of course our shaped jigsaw puzzles all have to have their very own puzzle cuts as the shape other puzzle follows the shape of the image. These are puzzles are always popular and we’re sure this is because they are so different and their puzzle cuts with their themed whimsy pieces match the image so well.

Then there’s our extra –difficult jigsaw puzzles. It’s not just the image with repetitive colours and patterns that make these jigsaws extra-difficult. The puzzle cut is as important. Many have shapes which are all the same and others with repetitive shapes. All very different from a traditional puzzle piece shape.

We feel it’s this attention to detail which really does set our jigsaws apart from others. Oh and of course they’re made of wood!