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Discover great discounts on jigsaws in our Winter sale

It’s that time of year when the January sales are in full swing and it’s time to grab yourself a post Christmas bargain. Some of our bestselling jigsaws from the last year are now in the Winter sale collection, and it will be your last chance to get hold of the designs before they are discontinued. Take a look below at our pick of the sale to discover a great jigsaw puzzle that will suit you.

Catch the travel bug

 europe jigsaw puzzle

From Paris to Rome, travel around Europe in moments with our Best of Europe jigsaw puzzle. See if you can spot and name all the famous cultural landmarks around the puzzle whilst you complete this intricate jigsaw.

Discover a masterpiece

 The Scream Jigsaw Puzzle

The famous painting ‘ The Scream’ by Edvard Munch has a rich backstory that will fascinate all art lovers. The piece has been targeted by several successful robberies, with the most recent in 2004. After the painting was finally recovered, it went on to become the most expensive painting ever to sell at auction in 2012. The angst-ridden painting is now renowned worldwide and is an excellent addition to any jigsaw collection.

Test your brain cells

Difficult Daffodils Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’re looking for a serious challenge, this repetitive Difficult Daffodils design is the perfect brain teaser. To really test your puzzle skills, you can even get this jigsaw in a difficult cut that has irregular and uneven pieces, for the expert puzzler.

Try a traditional chocolate box jigsaw

Country Cottage Jigsaw Puzzle

Peasant Village Life by Steve Crisp conveys a beautiful and tranquil scene of everyday village life. This puzzle is great for those who enjoy a traditional chocolate box design, with thatched roofs and a village church making up the peaceful scene.

Escape to paradise

Dolphin Jigsaw Puzzle

Already dreaming of your Summer holiday? Transport yourself to this Dolphin Utopia packed full of vibrant colour and animals. Themed animal whimsy pieces make this puzzle extra special for anyone who loves the animal kingdom.