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WIN a personalised wooden jigsaw puzzle worth £70!

Leave your comment below and let us know your favourite family Christmas game for a chance to win a personalised Wentworth puzzle with your choice of cut- worth over £70! (and get it in time for Christmas!)

A personalised Christmas Wentworth Puzzle

And here's some inspiration to get you started!

Computers, gadgets and all-things electronic will probably dominate the Christmas wish list for millions of families this year. However, for Christmas day itself, you might want to consider side-lining these electricity draining havens of solitude for something a little more inclusive.

After all, Christmas, as they say, is for families. So what better way is there to spend the day than in front of the fire, mince pie in hand and playing a game with your nearest and dearest?

To help you in your quest for a good time, here are five fun and festive games you can play that the entire family will enjoy...

Charades- With A Twist

I know what you're thinking: charades? I don't need to come online for help to come up with that idea. Of course, you're right. This game is a family Christmas staple, of which every man, woman and child the length and breadth of the country knows the rules to.

But it's for this reason you should consider introducing a twist to the old classic. Instead of one person miming the name of a book, film, play or whatever, reverse charades involves the entire family miming to one person who does the guessing.

This will get the whole family interacting with one another about how best to approach the 'fun' part of acting out the charade. For maximum enjoyment by all parties involved, keep rotating the one person that is guessing.

Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas scavenger hunt is like a treasure hunt, in which the participants have to find random items within a contained area. To inject a festive theme into your scavenger hunt, you could consider hiding 12 items around your house that represent the 12 days of Christmas. For example, you could use chocolate eggs to represent six-geese- a-laying or even five Hula Hoops for the five gold rings.

To get the game rolling, you give each player a list of clues to the 12 items they need to find, before setting them free to hunt. You can split the family into teams, or let each person compete against one another.

The easiest way to track the contest is by giving each team/person a digital camera or smartphone to take pictures of each item once it's found. The first person/team to collect pictures of all twelve items representing the days of Christmas wins.

The Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech has become an integral part of Christmas day for millions of families. To pay seasonal tribute to HRH, why not play a game that involves producing your own fun alternative to the Queen's Speech?

To do so, first you will need to split the family into two teams. Then, both teams will need to compile a list that contains the following ten items:

  1. An everyday household object
  2. An animal you're likely to find in the zoo
  3. A traditional object associated with Christmas
  4. A Disney cartoon character
  5. A z-list celebrity
  6. A random human body part
  7. A brand of toothpaste
  8. A popular UK TV programme
  9. Somewhere you'd like to go on holiday
  10. Food you hate to eat

Now swap the lists and give each team five minutes to compose and then perform an authentic sounding version of the Queen's speech that contains all ten items on the list. You can decide a winner based on delivery and creativity, but the laughs the game generates should be more than enough to compensate for a lack of winner.

Lie Detector

Lie Detector is the perfect game to play after you have finished gorging on your Christmas dinner, as very little movement is required.

Each family member takes it in turn to be the speaker wherein they must reveal three facts about themselves. The twist is that in Lie Detector, one of the revelations must be a lie. The speaker must then face an interrogation, where each of the remaining family members has their opportunity to play Hercule Poirot.

Upon conclusion of the interrogation, the remaining family members must make a majority decision on which of the statements they believe to be the false one. Once you have arrived at a majority decision as a group, you reveal your decision to the speaker who must admit which of the facts was a lie.

Jigsaw Puzzles

If you're looking for the perfect way to start your Christmas morning or wind down your afternoon, a jigsaw puzzle is a simple and timeless solution. Our Christmas Collection features a wide range of puzzles with festive themes the whole family can enjoy.

In the long term, jigsaw puzzles are excellent for keeping the brain sharp and developing cognitive skills related to dexterity, spatial reasoning and logic. However, while jigsaw puzzles provide the brain with a workout, they're not so demanding that you can't enjoy a chat with your family while completing one.

Sound good? Well, you can enter our completion below to win a unique personalised puzzle worth over £70 that could make the perfect gift for someone special this Christmas.

To enter, simply let us know in the comments what is your favourite family game to play at Christmas; and you could find out how a Wentworth Puzzle can make your family Christmas extra special. We look forward to seeing your stories!

Image by Anne

WIN a personalised wooden jigsaw puzzle worth £70!