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Brighten up your summer with jigsaw puzzles from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Completing a jigsaw puzzle often becomes a tradition at Christmas or whilst enduring an unfortunate rainy day at the family caravan - but with their endless benefits for the brain and relaxing qualities we want you to know that completing a jigsaw puzzle during the summer months is just as fun!

Picture this - you have a spare afternoon out in the garden and search through your favourite jigsaw puzzles. You find that hard 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle you’ve been meaning to complete and settle down for an afternoon of mindful jigsawing out in the sunshine. Birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and you can properly switch off from everyday life.

We have a range of jigsaw puzzles that can be delivered across the UK and the rest of the world that are perfect for summer that you can enjoy in the brightest, most beautiful colours. We’ve included some of our favourite jigsaw puzzles below - which are all best sellers! They’re available in a range of piece counts so you can decide just how difficult you want your jigsaw puzzle to be. From 250 piece jigsaws and 500 piece jigsaws through to 1000 piece jigsaws. With nearly all our jigsaw puzzles you can decide just how difficult to you want your challenge to be by choosing from different piece counts and extra difficult cut jigsaw patterns. The choice is yours.

Let’s celebrate summer in style and get outdoors and away from technology for a little while!

Butterfly Kaleidoscope hard Jigsaw Puzzle, 210 pieces, £29

A spectacular butterfly comes to life in 'Butterfly Kaleidoscope' - a delightful difficult jigsaw puzzle for the summer days to come. It’s a brilliant addition to our popular shaped wooden jigsaw puzzle range with enchanting nature inspired whimsy pieces.

 Butterfly shaped jigsaw puzzle

A Piece of Paradise difficult Jigsaw Puzzle, 250 pieces, £29

The winged creatures and wild flowers of the rainforest come to life in this jigsaw puzzle. The curved edges create a real challenge, so this is the puzzle for you if you’re a fan of more difficult jigsaw puzzles.

 Paradise Nature jigsaw puzzle

Glenny's Garden Shop, 250 piece, 500 piece and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, from £29

This puzzle showcases a vibrant scene at Glenny’s colourful garden shop on a sunny day. This charming puzzle portrays a serene courtyard full with beautiful flowers and children exploring its ornamental wishing well. If you’re a fan of hard jigsaw puzzles, why not try this in the form of a 500 piece jigsaw or even a 1000 piece puzzle? It’ll keep you busy for a while!

 Country Garden Shop Jigsaw Puzzles

Buckingham Palace Parade, 250 piece, 500 piece, 750 piece and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, from £29

We are proud to introduce another wooden puzzle to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday, using brilliant image by Steve Crisp.

 Buckingham Palace Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Summer Country Cottage, 250 piece, 500 piece, 750 piece and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, from £29

A perfectly maintained thatched cottage and lovely garden in blossom. Makes a fantastic traditional gift for people who enjoy a classic British cottage scene. Gardeners might especially appreciate the attention to detail with the flowers.

Summer Country Cottage Jigsaw Puzzle