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Avid jigsaw puzzler - Gordon Cochran

Avid Wentworth Wooden jigsaw puzzler Gordon Cochran was a big fan of our puzzles and the forever changing whimsy pieces that come with the different puzzles.

After his death, his sister wrote a book on his wonderful and adventurous life and how our jigsaw puzzles gave him such pleasure and comfort.

For much of his adult life Gordon spent his days travelling around Dublin and further afield by train and bus. He was always busy, always planning the next trip. He was well-known and completely at home as he travelled. The railway and bus network staff were his friends.

This small man, now aged sixty-one, has an intellectual disability. He had very few words, but he loved to communicate, and somehow everybody knew his name. He believed that he was a businessman like his dad. So he was seen striding through the streets, ushering people onto buses and waiting on stations, dressed in a suit, carrying a briefcase, a rolled umbrella and the day’s copy of The Irish Times. His mission and joy was to collect documents to fill his briefcase. Since he was rarely given any, he lifted any that he was drawn to, and they disappeared into his briefcase. Unfortunately he signed his name on them, an unwise move.

Gordon has had adventures that his family could not have dreamed of. His story is poignant, with sorrows, and also with joyful times and occasions of high comedy. He is blessed.

This biography of Gordon covers his life and that of the family into which he was born. I’ve been beside him for much of the time, because he is my very special brother.

Ruth Chipperfield, March 2015                                                                                                                                                 

Gordon, Business as Usual is available through and, and is stocked by shops in Co. Dublin and Co. Wicklow, Ireland.