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Terms and conditions: code HPFDUK18 gives *Free UK Mainland delivery on orders over £55. Other promotions and discount codes cannot be used with this offer and previous purchases are not eligible. We cannot apply discounts retrospectively so please ensure you enter the discount code HPFDUK18 into the correct box in 'My Basket' and check the discount has been applied before paying for your order. The discount will not be applied if the code is entered into the order comments box. 


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Terms and conditions: code HPFDUS18 gives *Free delivery to the USA on orders over $124. Other promotions and discount codes cannot be used with this offer and previous purchases are not eligible. We cannot apply discounts retrospectively so please ensure you enter the discount code HPFDUS18 into the correct box in 'My Basket' and check the discount has been applied before paying for your order. The discount will not be applied if the code is entered into the order comments box. 

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13th March 2018Announcing our New 2018 Minister for Jigsaws

Announcing our New 2018 Minister for Jigsaws

As you may know Wentworth Wooden Puzzles has been seeking a new Minister for Jigsaws for 2018, with a worldwide search via social media. This will be the third year Wentworth Wooden Puzzles has appointed a Minister for Jigsaws and we were staggered by the huge response this year, and we’re sure that has been spurred on by the growth in popularity of jigsaw puzzles worldwide. Plus this year we were also encouraged to see so much interest in the position from overseas puzzle enthusiasts too.

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20th February 2018The puzzle of what your Mum would really like on Mother’s Day!

The puzzle of what your Mum would really like on Mother’s Day!

If she doesn’t still, she probably used run around trying to make sure everyone was happy, had what they needed, when they needed it, and probably didn’t really think too much about her own ‘wants’. So the prefect Mother’s Day gift would be to let her indulge in those ‘wants’ so she can spend her own time doing what she enjoys the most. It could just be doing jobs around the house she usually does so she has the time to spend on herself. Such as letting her find a cosy corner and giving her a book you know she’ll love to escape in, uninterrupted. Or spoil her with a gardening course if she loves getting out in the garden

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17th January 2018Indulge yourself with a challenging jigsaw puzzle and you’ll enjoy the winter months

Indulge yourself with a challenging jigsaw puzzle and you’ll enjoy the winter months

When initially investigating our January blog about how to survive the long cold winter months, all we could think about were the negatives of winter, the cold long, dark winter. Then we spoke to some of our avid puzzlers and we realised we were asking the wrong question. It’s not about how to survive the winter, it’s about celebrating what winter can bring to you, your home and your friends and family.

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19th December 2017Puzzled about how to complete your jigsaw? Here are our top five tips!

 If you’re lucky enough to get the gift of a jigsaw this Christmas, this is the perfect guide to help you get puzzling! We all have our own little tactics when piecing our puzzles together but here are a few ideas that might help new jigsaw enthusiasts and a few tips that might even help you puzzle pros! If you are going to create one of our extra difficult cut jigsaws, then the following might also be useful.

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28th November 2017Great gifts for the jigsaw lover in your life

What could be more perfect of a gift for the puzzle lover in your life then a beautifully crafted wooden jigsaw? Ideal for family and friends, give the gift of hours of relaxing enjoyment and glorious satisfaction when you finally find that pesky piece that was hiding in plain sight.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite wooden jigsaws, some for the novice puzzler and some extremely difficult for the puzzle experts. We’ve also included some great stocking fillers for children, which will not only bring enjoyment, but help improve motor skills and problem solving. A gift that keeps on giving! 

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4th October 2017Pieces falling into place for National Jigsaw Day 2017

Pieces falling into place for National Jigsaw Day 2017

With the weather turning colder, the leaves starting to fall and Halloween creeping closer, it can only mean one thing… National Jigsaw Day is on it’s way! Now in its third year, we are celebrating the wonderful pastime of puzzling on the 3rd of November with a number of fantastic festivities.

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19th September 2017Keeping a healthy mind: puzzle gifts for grandparents

At Wentworth we are big advocates of the power of puzzles to improve your mental wellbeing. As part of our campaign promoting jigsaws brain benefits we’ve recently donated five wooden Wentworth jigsaws to Piece Together, a puzzle club run by our Minister for Jigsaws, Sue Riches. Following on from this, we’ve also been working with some fantastic bloggers who’ve in turn been putting puzzles together with elderly relatives.

We asked each of our bloggers to pick a puzzle to try with an older family member, then write about their experience and we got some brilliant stories.

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24th August 2017Top five photo taking tips for your personalised puzzles

Read on to learn how you could win a holiday themed personalised puzzle

Personalised jigsaw puzzle photos

Taking a great photo is often a difficult task. Capturing that perfect shot can feel like pot luck sometimes, and if you’re planning on immortalising your memory with a customised jigsaw puzzle featuring the pic then the pressure is on.

Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips to help you take your best shot.

1 Volume is key to a good group photo
The most important thing to remember when taking a group photo is, take a lot of photos! Someone is almost certainly going to be blinking, looking down or off to the side, so the more photos you take, the more likely you are to get one everyone is happy with.

And if you get a great group photo, they make the perfect present as a personalised puzzle or just a nice creative way to remember an event.

2 The rule of thirds
The ‘rule of thirds’ is a common term in photography. Imagine four lines, two lying horizontally across the image and two vertical creating nine even squares. Some images will look best with the focal point in the center square, but placing the subject off center will often create a more aesthetically composed photograph. When a photograph is composed without using the rule of thirds the eyes will wander the frame. A picture composed by the rule of thirds is more interesting and pleasing to the eye.

3 Get close
Getting closer to your subject is also an effective tactic. The simple fact is the audiences are always more impressed when the subject is huge and impossible to miss. Therefore, you want your subject to fill the frame in an aesthetic way (that means not so close we can’t see what you’re photo is of!).

4 Try not to use flash indoors

Flash can look harsh and unnatural, especially for indoor portraits. But there are various ways you can take an image indoors without resorting to flash.

Try to position your subjects standing near a window or door instead of relying on the flash. Get between your subject and the window — in other words, don't include the window in your composition, as this will throw off your camera’s exposure making your subject too dark and the window too light.

If you are shooting indoors at night, try to flood the room where you are photographing with as much light as you can - turn on whatever lamps you have at hand. This will help reduce those harsh, flashed-out subjects, as well as other problems like red-eye.

5 Use flash outside (even on a sunny day)

Although it may seem odd to use flash when the sun's out, that's precisely the time when you should use it!

The sun can cause all sorts of problems for portrait photographers: harsh shadows across faces, unbalanced exposures and burnt-out highlights.

Use a bit of 'fill flash' and you'll instantly improve your portraits; your camera will capture a much more balanced exposure, because your flash will light up your subject while the camera exposes for the background.

6 Add a little direction

Instead of just shooting people where they stand, try giving some advice — only you can see what’s in the shot. It’s not just the person or object in your frame, it’s everything else in the background that can make or break a great photograph. So don’t be afraid to ask the person to move (or move yourself) to avoid something ugly in the background. Also let people know if they should lean in, move back or huddle closer so everyone looks their best.

Now you know how to take the perfect snap, why not turn an incredible memory into a wonderful wooden jigsaw by entering our competition to win a personalised puzzle?

Some of our best memories come from holidays, and as we’re nearing the end of holiday season we wanted to do something to celebrate all the memories created. All you have to do is share your favourite holiday photo. It could be recent or from a past holiday, just share it on our Facebook or Twitter pages and follow us for a chance to win. 

Personalised puzzles vary from 360 x 250mm to 730 x 510mm and each come with a selection of themed whimsies. 

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28th July 2017Feeling puzzled? How jigsaws can help you keep a healthy mind

In childhood jigsaws are a toy used to teach shapes, words geography and colours and provide focused, quiet time for children and parents alike. They’re used in waiting rooms to pacify, in schools to educate and develop fine motor skills, helping to prepare children for reading.

Jigsaw puzzles are a powerful tool for stimulating the mind, and that doesn’t stop post-childhood.

Research shows that carrying on the hobby into adulthood has quantifiable benefits. Studies, like the MacArthur study, have shown that keeping the mind active with jigsaw puzzles and other activities that engage the mind can result in a longer life expectancy, a better quality of life and reduce chances of developing certain types of mental illness, including memory loss, dementia and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Adult jigsaws help the mind as they require concentration and represent a difficult challenge to be overcome. Identifying the right puzzle piece, finding it and slotting it within a continuously growing image requires focus and creativity, logical and spatial thinking. And develops all of these skills.

Visual perception and coordination are improved through puzzle building, adults and children who are encouraged to configure these pieces often experience enhanced creativity, problem solving and motor skills.

Puzzle building can also be therapeutic. As the puzzle comes to completion and more pieces are matched, the brain releases the feel-good chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine also plays a key role in both memory improvement and learning ability. And unless you are building a puzzle against the clock, the relaxing pastime often lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety.

Our recently appointed ‘Minister for Jigsaws’, Sue Riches is putting the benefits of jigsaws into practice with her own jigsaw club, Piece Together. The club was founded to encourage people to socialise whilst keeping their brain active by completing puzzles. Piece Together has accrued a growing library of jigsaws and is extending the club’s jigsaw based services out to local care homes, retirement flats, hospices and drop-in centres allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of adult jigsaws.

The key is picking the right adult jigsaw, and our catalogue includes a huge variety of difficult puzzles for those who want to really push themselves and some which are much simpler to complete. Picking not just a visually impressive but also the right difficulty is key. If you need inspiration, we’ve picked some of our most difficult and most relaxing adult jigsaws to give you an idea:

Pencil Collage Jigsaw Puzzle - By Maureen Rupprecht

This is one of our trickier adult jigsaw puzzles, ideal if you are looking for an extra difficult jigsaw challenge. This traditional high quality wooden jigsaw puzzle would make a great gift for any puzzle enthusiast.

The Cove Jigsaw Puzzle - By Christopher Rogers

Kynance Cove depicted here is in Cornwall and considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with dramatic cliff walks, wild flowers and geological features. This adult jigsaw is not the most difficult but is tricky enough to be enjoyable.

Kaleidoscope Jigsaw Puzzle - By Chris Ceaser

A beautiful nature scene by Chris Ceaser. This wooden jigsaw puzzle is made extra tricky by the use of repetitive colours and the mirrored reflection effect on the water. To make the puzzle even more difficult to complete the puzzle has irregular edges, so if you are looking for a challenge, this one could be for you.

The 17.30 to Swanage Jigsaw Puzzle - By Gerald Savine

An old steam train puffing through the countryside, the 17:30 to Swanage is a beautiful setting of luscious fields and captivating castle ruins. This British adult jigsaw puzzle makes a fantastic gift for any trainspotting lovers.

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